Hearing God

I’m so grateful that Jesus connected me with godly mentors early in my spiritual walk who encouraged me to love God’s Word and prioritize listening to the Holy Spirit’s voice.

I learned then to practice 360 degree listening, which I still do today!  From the beginning to the end of the day, I posture my heart to listen to everything Jesus wants to say through the common themes of His Word, His whisper, conversations with others, and the circumstances of our lives that together create a complete circle wherein we can hear and be led by His Spirit.

We learn to recognize His voice by spending time in the Bible.  We’ll only hear Him if we’re willing to quiet our hearts and listen.  We test everything we hear according to His written Word.  Here are a few questions I like to use for listening prayer.  You might spend a few minutes asking the LORD one or more of these questions each day and writing or drawing what you hear, see, or feel as He leads and guides you nearer to His heart and deeper into His will:

a. What is something amazing about You I need to know?
b. What lies am I believing? What is Your truth about this?
c. What’s holding me back from being everything You created me to be?
d. Who do I need to forgive?
e. Who do I need to love? How?
f. Is there anything You shared with me today that would be a blessing to someone else?
g. Would You like me to share any of this with others? Who?

During a time in my life when I was facing discouragement, the LORD encouraged me through a conversation with a mentor.  He told me, “God is always speaking, so ask Him what He’s saying and listen.”

Consider taking a 30-minute, mini vacation today and listening to what He has on His heart to share with you.  Let’s cultivate hearts that love His Presence and delight to hear His voice!

Here’s a message I was blessed to share on hearing God’s voice from the life story of our brother Elijah in 1 Kings 19:

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