Walking in His Footsteps on Praydio.com

On October 12, I began hosting a new radio show called Walking in His Footsteps on Praydio.com!

Mondays, 7-9 PM Central Time

The first hour, we focus on stories of how God is at work in our lives and in our world, interspersed with inspirational music.

The second hour, we share bite-sized, actionable training content to help us grow as disciples of Jesus who make disciples that multiply!

Here are some of our Walking in His Footsteps guests:

~Oct. 12, Kurt Olson of the International Disciple Making Initiative ~ what are the marks of a true disciple?
~Oct. 19, Myles Hanson & Gerrylynn Ferguson
~Oct. 26, Tom & Sue Rice — the joy of a Jesus-centered marriage!

In November, we’ll focus on the Power of Testimony:

~Nov. 2, Liz Kohli, Perspectives.org
~Nov. 9, Jim Egli, newgenerations.org —
Disciple Making Movements around the world
~Nov. 16, Ross Nelson — intercessory prayer that births movements!
~Nov. 23, Dave & Rennie Garda, cadremissionaries.com
real life disciple-making friendships
~Nov. 30, Christine Jacobs — effective prayer & spiritual warfare

You can catch videos of past episodes here:

We’d love to have you join us LIVE for Walking in His Footsteps on Praydio.com!

footprints left in the sand
Photo by Min An

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