A tool to become a Spiritual Leader

Do you have a desire to be a force for good in your sphere of influence?

This tool is free, and it didn’t originate with me!

When a friend introduced me to the Discovery Group process, it impacted my life and leadership in ways I never expected.

You can gather for Discovery with friends, family, coworkers — sky’s the limit!

Use the Discovery Questions to discuss any story or passage in Scripture together (usually about 10 verses at a time), seeking to understand, apply, and share what you’re discovering together!

Discovery Questions:

1. What are you thankful for?  What challenge or stress are you facing?  How can we help?  Do you know anyone who needs help at this time?  

Check-in: Since we last met, how did your “I will…” and sharing go? 

2. Read the Scripture passage together (at least twice) and take turns retelling in your own words like sharing with a friend who isn’t here.

3.  What stands out to you, and why?  What do these verses tell us about God?  What do these verses tell us about humanity / about us?

4. If this is God speaking, how will you apply it to your life?
(Aim for a specific: “I will…” next step.)

5. Who will you share with before we meet again?
(Name a specific person you want to share with who may be encouraged on their spiritual journey by hearing something you discovered.)

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

What stands out to you? What did you discover about God and yourself? How will you apply these principles in your life and leadership?

Click to download a PDF that includes:

  1. Discovery questions: to use with a group of friends/family to help us understand, apply, and share any passage of Scripture together
  2. Three-column Bible study: to help you understand, obey, and share Scripture when discovering on your own
  3. Discovery story sets: with various lists of Scripture passages to use over time to discover what God has to say about life on a few important themes

Before you go… here’s that PDF with Discovery Group resources.

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