I will…

In recent years, we’ve been on a journey, discovering more and more of what it looks like to follow our Lord Jesus in loving obedience.

James is a great book on this topic filled with Jewish-style wisdom from a Jesus-loving Jewish leader, James the brother of the Messiah.  His focus isn’t primarily doctrine or logic but the practical outworking of our faith, how faith works out in everyday life.

According to Dr. Gordon Fee, James is “…the New Testament counterpart of the Jewish Wisdom tradition, now in light of the teachings of Jesus.”

My heart’s desire is to grow as a disciple of Jesus, following in His footsteps (1 John 2:6).  As I spend time in His Word, I’m developing the habits of:

  1. identifying a specific way “I will…” put into practice in my life what I’m learning. 
  2. sharing with someone else who might benefit or be encouraged by something I’m learning.

I recently shared a message on some of these themes from James 1:19-27 at our dear friend’s church in Rochester, NY.  I pray hearing it will stir in you a similar desire to walk out your faith.

As you listen…

~What’s your “I will…” (your next step of obedience)?

~Who do you feel prompted to share with?