The Power of Encouragement

Walking in His Footsteps with Myles Hanson

I had some AMAZING interviews on Monday night with two dear friends: Gerrylynn Ferguson & Myles Hanson!

The first hour, I enjoyed a conversation on the POWER of Encouragement with Myles Tails Hanson (especially relevant for the young, young at heart, and those with kids or grandkids):

Do you love the next generation?
Do you long to see them fulfill their full potential in Christ?

What have you found helpful in connecting with your kids or grandkids?

THIS Monday, Oct. 26, 7-9 PM Central Time, I’ll have Tom & Sue Rice of Great Marriages for Sheboygan County, sharing their wisdom and experience from 50 years of a joyful marriage!

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Tom & Sue Rice on their wedding day (a few years ago) — I’m sure it feels like yesterday! 🙂 

Tune in live at!

You can catch videos of past episodes here:

The Rejected Lamb

This life lesson about the Shepherd and the rejected lamb brought me to tears…

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 🐑

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