Finding Joy in Marriage

Walking in His Footsteps with Tom Rice

Last Monday, I got to connect with Tom Rice of Great Marriages for Sheboygan County (Sue wasn’t feeling her best, but she chimed in a couple times šŸ˜ƒ ), sharing wisdom and experience from 53 years of finding joy in marriage!

Tom & Sue Rice on their wedding day (a few years ago) ā€” Iā€™m sure it feels like yesterday!
Tom & Sue Rice on their wedding day (a few years ago) ā€” Iā€™m sure it feels like yesterday! šŸ™‚Ā 

TONIGHT, 7-9 PM Central, I’ll get to chat with our disciple-making friend Liz Kohli ~ greater Milwaukee area team leader for the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement! How Is God at work around the world? How can we be a part?

Tune in live at!

You can catch videos of past episodes here:

Footprints from a beach out onto the sea

The Other Side of the Fence: Boundaries & Healing the Wounds of our Past

As a part of a message in 2016, I shared the first public reading of The Other Side of the Fence šŸ‘Ā (shortly after it was written and illustrated).

4 years later… we’re excited to share it’s now available on Amazon! This week as part of a Kindle Countdown Deal (it’s $3.99 today)…

We’d love to hear your thoughts as you read it and interact with this message! šŸ“š

What life lessons have you learned through disregarding boundaries?

In what ways have healthy boundaries protected you from what might’ve been on The Other Side of the Fence?

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Wounds from a Father: our journey toward healing & honor

I was grateful to share a Father’s Day message called: “Wounds from a Father: our journey toward healing & honor” at Bethany in La Crosse.

While I was prayerfully considering what message to share with a church family, experiencing some pain in transition, I connected with our FLD Church Leadership Catalyst Brian Thorstad.Ā  Brian encouraged me to acknowledge the elephant in the room and to share a potentially challenging but healing message.

Heartfelt chats, tears, and prayer with dear ones between worship services confirmed the truth in Brian’s wise counsel.Ā  Sweeping pain under the rug doesn’t help anybody involved.

But actively pursuing healing and choosing honor: well, that can be life changing…

The Gift & Call of Singleness

I’m blessed to be sharing a message this Sunday in Junction City, WI on “Making Disciples Who Multiply!”Ā  Praying through the Scripture I’ll be sharing from this weekend reminded me of themes I touched on in a message on “The Gift & Call of Singleness.”

No matter your relationship status or your season of life, I pray these thoughts will encourage you to be a multiplier who gathers others for Jesus-like disciple making friendships!